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Carrier-Grade Wi-Fi

Deliver revenue generating Wi-Fi services from a centrally managed platform that unifies in-home, community, MDU, venue and enterprise Wi-Fi domains. ARRIS offers full end-to-end Wi-Fi solutions in hosted, managed-service or turnkey models as well as discrete products and services to integrate into existing solutions.

The ARRIS Carrier Grade Wi-Fi SolutionSoftware, hardware and services to create a centrally managed Wi-Fi service delivery platform for indoor and outdoor locations, capable of supporting multiple virtual Wi-Fi networks to address different market segments.

Everything you need for successful deployment, operation and support

The solution includes Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA), policy enforcement, web portals, wireless access gateways, radio resource management, access point controllers, and access points.

Professional Services include:

  • Requirements Development
  • Solution Design
  • Integration
  • Site surveys
  • Construction Drawings
  • Field Installation
  • Program Management
  • Managed Services
  • Support & maintenance

The right access point for any application

To help you satisfy the ever-growing needs of your customers, we offer a comprehensive line of access points to meet the specific needs of indoor/outdoor environments, business/residential, cable/telco access networks so you can deploy high-quality Wi-Fi in virtually any environment.

Cost-saving design and deployment techniques

We will partner with you to design networks that deliver the highest performance while meeting budget objectives. We offer a full range of professional services to meet your specific needs, from staff augmentation to make even the largest projects run quickly and smoothly, through to a complete turnkey design and build service.

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Carrier Grade Wi-FiDelivering Wi-Fi services that meet your consumer and business customers' expectations is a top priority: Wi-Fi has to be fast, reliable and everywhere, creating opportunities to add value and monetize your Wi-Fi services beyond the home/office solution by offering:

  • Seamless Wi-Fi connectivity from home to the neighborhood, hot-spots, venues etc.
  • Targeted advertising, leveraging location and user data
  • Secure connectivity over WI-Fi inside and outside the office, as well as Business services with unique SSIDs
  • ‘Wi-Fi first’ voice calling, reducing the cost of using the cellular network
  • Service Providers Agreements to offload 3G/4G traffic onto Wi-Fi, to improve their coverage and data-rates
  • Inter-operator roaming agreements with other Service Providers

While these new opportunities for monetizing Wi-Fi are abundant, there are significant deployment and management challenges.

Many Wi-Fi networks have been built from islands of connectivity or management that struggle to work together as a centrally managed system. Our holistic approach to Wi-Fi unites these islands to help deliver consistent performance and new opportunities for monetization across diverse service touch points.

A centrally managed network ensures the best Wi-Fi experience:

  • Single sign-on, wherever you are on the network
  • Reliable, stable network connectivity
  • Carrier-grade security
  • Prioritization of services to deliver Quality of Service for premium or time-sensitive services

When offered as a complimentary service, wide-area Wi-Fi can help to upgrade your customers to higher service tiers and reduce churn.

Our Service Provider Wi-Fi solution offers a comprehensive unified solution, whether you are extending residential/office Wi-Fi services, supporting multiple dwelling units (MDU) and campus environments. or wanting to offer a hot-spot service.

If you need to deliver Wi-Fi inside stadiums, campuses and other large facilities then this solution is ideal.

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Hosted Carrier Grade Wi-Fi: Pay as You Grow!You can get to market faster with reduced capital investment and lower risk by adopting a hosted solution; leveraging our existing, proven infrastructure and expertise gained in deploying and operating multiple Wi-Fi networks.

The Hosted Solution includes:

  • Turnkey design, integration, deployment, maintenance and offsite hosting of core network elements to:
    • Improve your speed to market
    • Minimize your capital spend
    • Reduce in-house expertise required
    • Adopt a pay-as-you-grow financial model
    • Optimize use of your existing systems
  • The capability to serve key vertical markets on the same network, including Small-medium Business / Enterprise (SMB/SME), education, Multi-dwelling Unit (MDU), public Wi-Fi, etc.
  • Centralized management, analytics and reporting to:
    • Unify your customer‘s Wi-Fi experience
    • Keep you in control of your services
    • Integrate into your BSS/OSS and financial systems to take advantage of the monetization opportunities

Key service components are operated from our hosting centers: Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA), policy enforcement, web portals, radio resource management and Access Point controllers— while the Wireless Access Gateway (WAG) and Wi-Fi Access Points reside in the your network. If desired, over time, all network components can be migrated to your datacenters. Own and manage as much or as little of the end-to-end solution as you wish.

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Delivering Wi-Fi that is reliable and high-performance for all users, all applications, throughout any given space is challenging. But doing it within the vast expanse of Daytona International Speedway on crowded race days requires a time-tested, massively scalable architecture - and a team who knows how to bring all the pieces together. ARRIS architected and deployed a world-class Wi-Fi network at this multi-story venue to serve the needs of a very large, densely-packed crowd, in varied settings with a wide variety of devices and media consumed. The solution also enabled new monetization opportunities for the Daytona International Speedway.

ARRIS Carrier Grade Wi-Fi - Arena Large Venue Wi-Fi Solutions

ARRIS has a wealth of experience designing and implementing Wi-Fi solutions for arenas, concert halls, race tracks, stadiums, tennis complexes and more.

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Solution Products

Ruckus Indoor Access Points
Ruckus Indoor Access Points
Best in class indoor access points for Service Provider Wi-Fi
Ruckus Outdoor Access Points
Ruckus Outdoor Access Points
Best in class outdoor access points for Service Provider Wi-Fi
Ruckus Radio Access Controller
Ruckus Radio Access Controller
Appliance and Virtual Controllers for Service Provider Wi-Fi
Benu Mobile Edge Gateway Appliances
Benu Mobile Edge Gateway Appliances
Seamless mobility for Service Provider Wi-Fi networks
Benu vMEG Software
Benu vMEG Software
Virtualized Mobile Edge Gateway for Wi-Fi mobility
Benu xMEG Appliances
Benu xMEG Appliances
Mobile Edge Gateways using COTS servers
Aptilo Service Management Platform
Aptilo Service Management Platform
Management of billing, user services and access within Wi-Fi networks
Aptilo Access Controller
Aptilo Access Controller
Wi-Fi network access control, monitoring and policy enforcement
ICX IP Switches
ICX IP Switches
Flexible, scalable fixed form-factor IP switches