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Content Security

With huge sums invested in premium content, protecting video assets from piracy with a trusted system is vital for realizing the returns on that investment. For more than four decades ARRIS has been helping Service Provider, Content Producers, Broadcasters, and Consumer Electronic Manufacturers to secure their video distribution.

Consumers are watching content anywhere, on any IP connected device, over any network. This presents a challenge to Service Providers and content owners to economically deliver their content securily in this complex scenario.

At ARRIS, our mission is to ensure that the delivery of content over IP is accomplished with high flexibility, expandability, and the greatest security. We are proud to offer two content protection options that provide operators workflow and cost efficiencies and allow them to rapidly deploy TV Everywhere services.

DRM (Digital Rights Management) content protection has been redefined to meet the demands of a world where the consumer decides how they want to consume content. Incorporating advanced security features such as client authentication, authorization, tamper protection, and clone detection are necessary to ensure not only that content is protected from piracy but consumers are validated, enhancing revenue streams.

To support this media-embracing customer base, there are two approaches to ensure strong content protection across the multitude of platforms and devices that enable video entertainment.

The first approach is to leverage a singular, studio-approved advanced DRM technology to authenticate, authorize and protect these platforms and devices.

Advantages of using a single DRM technology

  • Simplified architecture
  • Minimize operational and support costs
  • Faster deployment of new TV Everywhere services

In this streamlined scenario, Service Provider costs of encoding, processing, and storing content in multiple formats for multiple devices are minimized and workflows are simplified. Offering secure video streaming and offline playback on these wide range of devices with a singular DRM platform has enabled successful deployments with leading IPTV and OTT operators.

ARRIS Content Security - Streamining the secure video delivery process with using one DRM solution
Streamlining the secure video delivery process using one DRM solution

Another, more complex, approach is to support and manage a range of DRM technologies that are native to popular device platforms while augmenting non-native devices with a proven DRM product. This technology would include DRM key generation based on entitlements while serving licenses to client devices, supporting multiple key exchange protocols, and would have a sophisticated policy engine to determine CAS and DRM rules.

Advantages of the ARRIS multi-DRM system

  • Leverage support inherent to the device platform
  • Manage multiple DRMs within an integrated architecture
  • Easily add security solutions in one flexible infrastructure
  • Supports a range of DRM technologies including ARRIS SECUREMEDIA®, Google Widevine, Microsoft PlayReady and Apple FairPlay streaming


ARRIS Content Security - Unified Digital Rights Management
Unified Digital Rights Management

Related Information

ARRIS Titanium Dynamic Downloadable Conditional Access Software provides the traditional security features and capabilities of a broadcast Conditional Access System but without smart cards.

Eliminating smartcards means that any compromised system can be recovered quickly and at lower cost with a downloadable software package deployed over the network.

Benefits of eliminating smartcards

  • Fewer truck rolls
  • Less call center volume
  • Minimized piracy
  • Cost-effective for the operator
  • Convenient for the subscriber

Our technology offers Service Providers the opportunity to streamline operations. Using cardless conditional access, Service Providers can manage a range of networks from a single headend without changing systems. This reduction simplifies the network, simplifies operations, reduces OPEX costs and minimizes the cost of CAS integration into their business and operational systems.

Reduced logistics costs, reduced churn and maximized cash flow are a few of the reasons the total cost of ownership of ARRIS Titanium Conditional Access Software has been shown to reduce total cost of ownership by 60 percent lower compared to smartcard based solutions.


ARRIS Titanium Conditional Access System
ARRIS Titanium Conditional Access System


The ARRIS Mediacipher® Conditional Access Solution has been deployed by top North American operators for decades and continues to be a robust, trusted and cost-effective solution for comprehensive control over video security backed by our commitment to ongoing roadmap development, including enhancements like more flexibility, reduced costs and virtualization.

Benefits of Mediacipher Conditional Access Solution

  • Bullet-proof security based on an ARRIS patented chip
  • Simple management with a one-controller solution
  • Robust billing, upgrade management and authorization functions
  • Comprehensive services portfolio for all sizes of operation, including turn-key solution, hosted platforms and disaster recovery
  • Our commitment to an ongoing development roadmap, with new features to deliver more flexibility, ease of use, reduced costs and space savings using virtualization

At ARRIS, our Conditional Access Solution, gives Service Providers confidence that their premium video assets will continue to be protected.


ARRIS MediaCipher Conditional Access System
ARRIS MediaCipher Conditional Access System

Related Information

To enable secure access to premium content while protecting quality of service, Consumer Electronic Manufacturers turn to the ARRIS PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) Center for testing and issuing certificates for their devices to enable authentication for use on networks. This extra layer of security allows devices to be identified with a unique ID and enhances device protection against piracy attacks.

The ARRIS PKI Center is one of world's largest producers of keys and certificates for hardware devices with more than 30 years experience of PKI management, over $65 billion of content under protection every year and over 2.3 billion digital certificates issued. It is responsible for PKI lifecycle management for hundreds of millions of devices, including cable, telco and satellite set-tops, cable and DSL modems, cell phones, portable media players, two-way radios, video/data and infrastructure servers.

The ARRIS PKI Center


Solution Products

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SECUREMEDIA® The Encryptonite ONE™ System
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SECUREMEDIA® HLS+ Content Delivery Platform
Ingest, Transcode, and Securely Deliver Content Via Standard HTTP Methods
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MultiTrust™ Advanced Rights Management
Total control and complete flexibility in managing and securing content
CASMR-100 CAS Controller
CASMR-100 CAS Controller
Management software for Mediacipher® Conditional Access systems
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PKI Services
Public Key Infrastructure key generation and associated services