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IP Video

The multiscreen movement is here, and consumers want to know that their entertainment content is available on any device – any place, at any time. The ARRIS end-to-end approach to multiscreen IP video brings transcoding, packaging, IP service delivery and home networking technologies together to create a compelling experience for subscribers.

IP Video Building a Platform for Leadership with IP Video


Today’s consumers are changing the way they watch their favorite video programming, with multiscreen viewing, binge watching and time shifting becoming the new normal. And along with these changing behaviors comes a new category of competition for video service providers, who are building lucrative businesses around the anytime, anywhere streaming capabilities of the Internet. In this new video marketplace, those service providers who can profitably deliver quality content when, where and how consumers want to watch it will seize the leadership position. And for many, this means delivering video over an all IP network.

ARRIS helps service providers extend their IP capabilities to deliver high quality content to consumers – on their own terms. With a range of flexible solutions, ARRIS can help service providers expand their IP network capacity, cultivate compelling multiscreen capabilities and generate innovative new revenue streams in a way that achieves their investment goals and exceeds consumer expectations. Leveraging our rich experience in video delivery, ARRIS can help architect end-to-end IP video solutions that can surpass those of alternative providers, and deliver rich new experiences that will keep subscribers coming back for more.

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IP Video Driving IP End-to-EndTo help service providers lead the way in IP video, ARRIS provides a complete portfolio of technology solutions that can be deployed when and where they’ll benefit most. Whether you are just beginning the evolution or enhancing your IP video ecosystem with advanced content features and advertising capabilities, we can help ensure that your network is well-architected and ready to scale with your customers. Our solutions include:

  • Encoding platforms that can optimize video for the highest quality under virtually any network condition
  • Content preparation tools that enable advanced VoD capabilities and nDVR features
  • ICX Ethernet switches for high performance IP switching
  • IP network infrastructure solutions that support Gigabit speeds over fiber, copper or HFC
  • Bandwidth management capabilities that allow content to travel over the IP network using the minimum amount of bandwidth
  • Home networking infrastructure that streams content to every corner of the home – wired or wirelessly
  • Hybrid set-tops that support both existing linear broadcast video technologies and IP video delivery for a seamless migration when the time is right
  • Enhanced interfaces that enable a consistent video delivery experience between set-top and multiscreen devices
  • Virtualized CPE solutions for investment protection and control over previously unmanaged video delivery
  • Dynamic ad insertion capabilities that enable targeted advertising models in existing local ad windows

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IP Video Enabling Personalized Multiscren Advertising

ARRIS helps service providers enhance their subscribers' viewing experiences and increase the return on their multiscreen investments by delivering a complete portfolio of multiscreen advertising solutions. With advanced ad selection capabilities, ARRIS solutions can be custom configured to reach highly targeted audience segments based upon the content being viewed, time of day, geographical location and even behavioral trends. Because ARRIS advertising solutions are launched from within the network, service providers can execute highly targeted campaigns that reach the right consumers, no matter where they're enjoying their favorite content. Additionally, this centralized advertising approach provides unprecedented insights into campaign effectiveness, and allows the system to grow seamlessly as more users, devices and campaign capabilities are added.

ARRIS advertising systems deliver over 2 billion ad insertions each year, so our experts know what it takes to build highly scalable, highly dependable advertising platforms. And our experience is only improving as we help service providers solve their greatest challenges advanced multiscreen advertising.

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IP Video Bringing it all Together



Bringing it all Together
At ARRIS, we understand that IP video delivery is not simply about a new generation of hardware and software solutions. Making video available anywhere, anytime and developing rich experiences that extend content value require significant expertise and integration capabilities. That's why we focus so much of our attention on meeting the unique needs of high-quality video delivery – especially in an all IP environment. Our experts have deployed video systems that span virtually every type of network, deliver a wide array of services and reach customers in nearly every setting around the world. We harness this experience to ensure the systems we design and deploy are ready to help service providers exceed customer expectations and scale to support years of value and service growth.

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IP Video People of ARRIS



When you work with ARRIS, you work with people who are passionately dedicated to moving the industry forward through innovative, yet practical solutions.  We collaborate with service providers, helping them uncover new opportunities to improve service performance, reduce costs, and generate revenues. And we are active contributors to the industry standards and specifications that are helping to shape the future of communications and entertainment delivery. The people of ARRIS - dedicated to meeting today’s challenges and helping you transition smoothly into the advanced experiences of tomorrow.

Solution Products

ME-7000 Converged Compression Platform
ME-7000 Converged Compression Platform
High density modular multi-video format encoder, transcoder with grooming, splicing and mu...
ARRIS Manifest Delivery Controller (MDC)
ARRIS Manifest Delivery Controller (MDC)
Video Manifest Manipulator for Ad Insertion and Personalization
CAP-1000 Cherrypicker Application Platform
CAP-1000 Cherrypicker Application Platform
IP-centric platform for video grooming, splicing and remultiplexing
Award-Winning Advanced Content and Revenue Protection Solutions
ICX IP Switches
ICX IP Switches
Flexible, scalable fixed form-factor IP switches