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Networked DVR and other cloud video applications can help service providers deliver content to their subscribers on their own terms. ARRIS is bringing intelligence into the cloud to make video consumption an even more personalized experience for consumers, and a more profitable one for service providers.

nDVR Delivering New Personalized Opportunities with nDVR



Network DVR (nDVR) is a game changer for both consumers and service providers. By bringing subscriber-recorded programming into the cloud, service providers can empower their customers to take their favorite shows with them - in any room, on any device, and even beyond the home. nDVR can also unlock new capital and operational savings, while providing unprecedented insights into how, when and where their content is consumed. It all adds up to exciting new opportunities to personalize the consumer DVR experience while growing revenues, too.

At ARRIS, we help service providers make the most of this opportunity. By combining an innovative portfolio of solutions with our deep experience in video delivery, we make nDVR deployment simple for service providers and seamless for their subscribers. All while enabling exciting new capabilities that elevate the value of existing video content.

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nDVR Transforming the Content Viewing ExperienceWith ARRIS nDVR solutions, you can give your subscribers the content they want, wherever they want to watch it - with an intuitive, high-quality user experience. By helping to centralize your recording and storage capabilities in the data center, we can help you open up new possibilities of multi-content, multi-screen and multi-room experiences for your customers. We can even help you gain valuable intelligence about what, when, how often, where and on what screen consumers are viewing stored content.  

Making DVR Content Mobile
With ARRIS nDVR solutions, content can be accessed by any authorized network connected device, extending familiar DVR viewing habits - pause-live TV, catch-up TV, time-shifted TV, and binge-viewing TV - to any screen, anywhere. And with complete customization of the user experience, you can offer your subscribers advanced user experiences that are consistent from the tablet to the TV. You can even offer sync and go capabilities or the ability to start on one device and finish on another for a truly mobile DVR service.

Recording Without Limits
Because there are no storage or tuner limitations, ARRIS solutions empower your subscribers to record multiple programs simultaneously and save them indefinitely. However, to help offset costs or open new revenue streams, service providers can also choose to offer premium storage tiers and extended tuner configurations that can help offset infrastructure costs or create new sources of revenue. With the flexibility of ARRIS solutions, service providers can customize their offerings to help achieve a balance between subscriber needs and their own business objectives.

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For the first time, your DVR service can open up exciting new revenue possibilities for targeted advertising and merchandising based on the deep personalization ARRIS nDVR solutions provide. The key is an advanced analytics framework that helps you understand your subscribers’ content preferences based on their programming choices, recording activities and viewing behaviors. With these insights, you can make personal content recommendations, offer timely promotions, and deliver fresh new ads your subscribers will want to watch- on the television or any screen.nDVR Personalizing the Viewing Experience

ARRIS solutions also provide innovative dynamic advertising insertion capabilities that enable out of date local ads to be refreshed on playback – even where there are no ad markers. Through integration with industry-leading digital marketing platforms, ARRIS enables virtually every ad to be refreshed with personalized content that can elevate subscriber experiences and generate additional revenue for service providers. 

Protecting Content Rights
ARRIS has deep expertise in deploying nDVR solutions that adhere to the complex content agreements that form the backbone of the programmer/service provider business relationship. Through advanced security technologies that protect content and authorize playback devices, and by leveraging both shared-copy and multiple-copy architectures, ARRIS can help service providers deliver content where consumers want it while meeting their contractual obligations to their programming partners.

Reducing Storage Costs
ARRIS solutions enable significant storage-related cost reductions for service providers. This efficient, centralized architecture delivers significantly higher storage utilization than distributed customer premises equipment-based solutions, while eliminating the expensive truck rolls for CPE hardware failures. In addition, ARRIS solutions allow service providers to purchase storage more economically on an as-needed basis, taking advantage of density improvements of as much as 40% per year for the same storage costs.

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nDVR The People of ARRIS




When you work with ARRIS, you work with people who are passionately dedicated to moving the industry forward through innovative, yet practical solutions.  We collaborate with service providers, helping them uncover new opportunities to improve service performance, reduce costs, and generate revenues. And we are active contributors to the industry standards and specifications that are helping to shape the future of communications and entertainment delivery. The people of ARRIS - dedicated to meeting today’s challenges and helping you transition smoothly into the advanced experiences of tomorrow.

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