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Service Assurance

Ensuring services provided to customers are continuously available and performing to agreed service levels. Allowing service providers to proactively and effectively resolve service issues, minimize customer impact, and deliver improved customer service through a data analytics driven focus on service assurance.

Service assurance strategies are nothing new; most service providers use some form of home grown or commercial tools to address key areas such as network management, trouble ticketing, workforce management, outages and service restoration. These tools are helping to identify and fix service network and performance issues. But service-affecting issues stubbornly remain, calls to the call center, consumer dissatisfaction and churn are too high. There is the need to take service management to the next level through the use of big data and artificial intelligence.

ARRIS offers a suite of Service Assurance solutions focused directly on helping Service Providers address service quality issues and realize measurable benefits that increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

Why do something different?

  • Service quality issues adversely impacting customer satisfaction scores and churn
  • Intermittent quality issues resulting in multiple truck rolls
  • A reactive approach to outage management is too late to avoid impacting customers
  • Mean Time to Restore (MTTR) is too high
  • Lack of real-time problem verification while techs are onsite, results in repeat truck rolls
  • Network technologies in the last mile and the home network continue to evolve and increase the complexity of monitoring and management

Proactive service assurance designed with the customer in mind

Imagine a customer is experiencing issues with calls dropping due to intermittent Internet connections, leading to a very frustrated customer. Most tools and processes today lack the ability to accurately identify the root cause of quality service issues, especially those that occur intermittently over time. This often leads to rolling a truck and technician to a customer’s home or portion of the network to physically troubleshoot the issue. If the technician is unable to locate the problem, the customer continues to experience quality issues and is forced to call again the next time it happens. In the long run, this can eventually lead to the customer churning in search of better service quality.

What customers value about Alarm Central

ServAssure® Alarm Central

While most tools in use today are reactive in nature, ARRIS offers a proactive solution that re-invents how organizations provide service quality and meet customer expectations.

ServAssure Alarm Central uses big data and artificial intelligence to automate the identification and prioritization of existing and potential service impairments in the cable access network. The cause of the impairment is presented in full detail, including geographic location. Service providers can now pinpoint the root cause using true analytics, based on an extensive set of patent pending algorithms from HFC experts, to accurately derive the location and cause of degradations and direct technicians right to the problem area.

ServAssure Alarm Central also supports the ability to preemptively address previously undetectable issues before they become service affecting. Impairments are discovered and resolved proactively and customers are less aware of service issues. Service providers are seeing enhanced workforce productivity and achieving reduced MTTR for services which translates into more satisfied customers.

After identifying the root cause of the impairment, Alarm Central is able to send a notification to the field service management system to create and schedule a trouble call.

The problem, now identified before rolling a truck to the customer's home, enables you to assign a technician with the proper skills to correct the service issue. The properly skilled technician is armed with corrective action details, supplies and equipment to fix the problem accurately the first time.

ServAssure Alarm Central - Features and Benefits
Improve Customer Experience by improving the network and service quality through pro-active resolution of network issues.
Reduce plant maintenance truck roll by faster and more accurate fault location.
Reduce MMTR through faster and more accurate diagnostics.
Reduce wasted residential truck rolls.
Reduce consumer calls and increase subscriber Quality of Experience - by finding / resolving issues before service is affected.
Prepare for DOCSIS 3.1 migration by addressing outstanding network quality impairments.

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The landscape of the subscriber home is changing, with the number of connected devices escalating, greater dependency on Wi-Fi, more complex home networks with network extenders. New services such as IoT & virtual reality will continue to drive the need for reliable connectivity in the home. Managing the connected home has become a complex task.

The ability to manage the connected home environment is quickly becoming a major differentiator for service providers looking to elevate the customer experience.

Find problems before your customers do

If, as one customer survey reported1, 85 percent of consumers never, or rarely call customer service to complain about the quality of their service it is vital to find and address problems before your customers notice and decide to leave.

ARRIS has found that the economics of proactive management make sense. Service providers that deploy a service assurance solution proactively focused in the areas of field service, call center support and self-service see OPEX go down and a positive impact on revenues.

Resolution costs vs. Customer satisfaction
Managing the 2020 home

ARRIS provides a service assurance solution to help you create a proactive customer care organization. Preemptively finding and resolving problems specific to an individual subscriber can deliver the following benefits:

  • Improve service levels
  • Control operating costs as technology advances
  • Focus on customer intimacy rather than technical acumen or cutting costs
  • Reduce customer churn and turn your customers into your best advocates
  • Increase Net Promoter Scores (NPS)

Continuously monitoring the customer experience is crucial to transforming how you provide customer care. The primary areas of focus can be defined in three ways:

  • Data Collection - Frequently gathering information from all endpoints where services are consumed, including customer premises equipment (modems, routers, wireless access points, set-top boxes) and software clients (e.g. applications on mobile devices)
  • Real-time correlation - Identifying problem characteristics and running diagnostics against the historical data collected to evaluate the health of services and equipment
  • Customer Experience Analysis - Analyzing diagnostic information to determine if the quality of service reaches key thresholds or is being disrupted

When using a solution that monitors the customer experience, it becomes much easier to find subscribers in trouble. As new cases are generated, they are routed immediately to urgent care specialists responsible for further troubleshooting the issue. The specialists analyze historical and current telemetry as well as diagnostics on the customer’s environment to help determine whether or not a remote fix is possible, if an equipment failure requires subscriber contact, or if the Service Provider needs to dispatch a technician.

The ultimate goal is to fix the problem before the customer is even aware of the issue and swap equipment or roll a technician to the home only if it is necessary.

ARRIS ECO Service Management™ optimizes the delivery and management of multi-play and connected home services while enhancing subscriber experiences. ECO Service Management includes a platform that enables management of devices and services, integration with external systems, data collection, and application services as well as mission-critical service management applications that empower customer support, operations, and subscribers.

ECO Manage
An ECO Platform product that enables the management and support of services and devices.
ECO Collect
An ECO Platform product that enables service providers to monitor service quality and understand subscriber experiences through the collection and analysis of subscriber and device data.
ECO Connect
An ECO Platform product that provides connected home applications with presence, location, message routing and transport services.
ECO Assist
An ECO application that customer support agents use to troubleshoot and resolve complex subscriber issues.
ECO Self-Service
An ECO application that enables subscribers to manage and configure their services and resolve their own home network issues.
ECO Monitor
An ECO application that operations personnel use to oversee subscriber service availability and quality.
ECO Inquire
An ECO application that marketing personnel use to evaluate subscriber behaviours, preferences and experiences.

Achieving successful business transformation

Proactive service assurance is more than selecting the right software tools, a business transformation plan for developing new processes and organizational roles to deal with proactive support responsibilities is of equal importance.

To maximize the benefit versus cost of each solution deployment, the Service Experience Practice team at ARRIS has developed a rigorous deployment lifecycle methodology, with a proven successful track record. By consulting closely with our customers to identify priorities and pain points, we ensure the deployment is tailored to match your needs, quickly and effectively.

¹ [InfoGraphic] Results: Procera Networks’ Mobile Subscriber Experience Survey

For many consumers, Wi-Fi is the primary means of connecting devices to the home network and is a determining factor in their perception of service quality. Service providers are relying on Wi-Fi to deliver high-value services such as UHD to wireless set-tops. Ensuring reliable Wi-Fi performance, coverage and reliability throughout the home is of prime importance. Common problems like slow download/ upload speeds, channel interference, security settings and configurations are primary call drivers that consume resources and operating costs.

Wi-Fi Service Assurance is a key focus area at ARRIS together with its continued commitment to Wi-Fi quality through our investment in CPE (Customer Premises Equipment), solution design, and service practices.

Our Wi-Fi Service Assurance solutions are focused on key user roles: Subscriber, Technician, Call Center, and Network Operations Center (NOC)/ Engineering, providing tools to configure, manage and diagnose this increasingly complex service architectures, so reducing operational and support costs and ultimately increasing consumer satisfaction levels.

Wi-Fi Service Assurance by role

ARRIS ECO Self-Service with ECO Assist, ECO Collect and ECO Inquire create our web-based, on-demand, remote support solution providing operational efficiencies and cost savings that extend from the gateway to the end customer’s desktop and apps.

Call center and technical support staff are able to resolve customer problems through a browser-based interface to the customer’s desktop. Powerful, interactive, permission-based features combined with robust security and real-time reporting deliver a customer care solution that improves support center efficiencies and creates happy customers.

Customer self-care using ECO Service Management™

Using a self-care portal or app powered by ECO Self-Service, customers can view their home network, be guided through common configuration tasks, receive notifications from their service provider, implement their own service quality tests and potentially resolve their own problems.

ECO Service Management Self-Care - Features and Benefits
Installation and activation
  • Setup SSID and password
  • Test connectivity
Parental controls
  • Network access controls for devices on the home network
  • URL white and black list management
View/Edit device information
  • Edit name and location of devices on the home network
Guest access to Wi-Fi network
  • Manage guest access on home network - invite and revoke access
Network information
  • How many devices on my network? What are they?
  • What throughput am I getting on each device?
  • What's going on in my network?
Help Desk tools in the hands of the subscriber

The goal of the ARRIS Self-Care and Wi-Fi Assurance solutions are to provide a repeatable and predictable system that allows service providers to deliver the best possible Wi-Fi service experience - while keeping operational costs under control. For this reason, the solution makes heavy use of automated logic, remote surveillance, CPE interrogation, visibility and troubleshooting tools, and a customization platform that enables a flexible system adaptable to the changing needs of service providers worldwide.

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ARRIS Assurance Solutions are designed to drive operational efficiencies throughout the service organization, from the back-office to the customer's home or business.

Why ARRIS Assurance Solutions?

How it works

ARRIS Assurance Solutions combine powerful software with our deep expertise in video and broadband delivery to help service providers unleash the power of data to prevent and solve performance issues. First, we help collect key performance information about your network and subscribers, centralizing it and making it available to the organizations and applications that rely on it. We then provide a platform for deep analytics, helping you unlock key insights about your network conditions and service quality, which can help guide sound decisions and prudent investments.

Solution components

To be effective in a highly competitive IP service environment, the ability to quickly provision and manage a variety of customer and network devices is imperative. The Provisioning solution from ARRIS supports a wide range of customer gateways, peripherals and network elements.

Enabling customer self-management helps service providers improve customer satisfaction, and enables customers to manage their own account, service, and device preferences.

Outage Management
The ability to know an outage is occurring and begin servicing the problem before a customer calls is fundamental to improving customer satisfaction. Our Outage solution operates across Network Monitoring data with patented algorithms to detect service and subscriber impacting issues, delivering fault management, identifying root cause and dispatching the right technician to the right location.

Network Monitoring
ARRIS provides solutions for the collection and analysis of data from access (network element) data including DOCSIS®, PON, xDSL, access from the customer premises to the service provider serving network in hubs and central offices.

The ARRIS solution delivers key metrics resulting from the collection and analysis of Network Monitoring data. This data is exposed in multiple formats, based on the user role such as the end customer, Customer Service Representative (CSR), operations support, field technicians, and NOC/ engineering to deliver service and product management effectively. ARRIS enables both field service technicians and end customers with integrated tools to validate service installation, quality, and configuration.

The ARRIS Analytics solution answers questions based on multiple sources of data available from network devices, service campaigns, even weather data comes together to provide meaningful insights beyond the KPIs.

ARRIS Assurance Solutions Portfolio

Successful implementation is assured with ARRIS Deployment Services. ARRIS services team of experts work with you to tightly align with your operational goals, training/ technical level of users, operator-specific devices.

Business process analysis

Our Global Services organization includes experts in access network operations and Wi-Fi. To help operators optimize their strategy and execution, this team works on-site with your organization to create a plan for success based on proven methodologies.

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Solution Products

ServAssure® Advanced Performance Management
ServAssure® Advanced Performance Management
DOCSIS® Network Surveillance and Performance Management
ServAssure® Alarm Central
ServAssure® Alarm Central
Proactive Network Management to deliver a superior customer experience
ECO Service Management™
ECO Service Management™
Optimize the delivery & management of Wi-Fi, triple-play & the connected home