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Targeted Advertising

Generate new revenue from video services with advanced advertising solutions.

Local cable advertising is estimated to generate $6.8 billion in revenues for Cable Operators and continues to grow. ARRIS is the market leader in local Digital Program Insertion (DPI) for local advertising with more than 15 years of experience and products that manage more than 60,000 DPI channels in the field.

Our Emmy-winning advertising products comprise a comprehensive solution that enables operators to generate revenue from local advertising with low total cost of ownership (TCO).

ARRIS DPI products for local ad insertion

  • SkyVision Linear Advertising Management Suite
    • Supports national, regional, and zone-based ad insertion
    • Features multiple levels of redundancy to deliver reliable ad delivery and high run-rates
    • Offers comprehensive content management, schedule management, monitoring and alerting, reporting and verification
    • Integrated with all CCMS-compliant Traffic and Billing Systems and all SCTE 30-compliant splicers
    • Supports SD and HD, as well as MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 H.264 streaming
  • XMS Ad Servers
    • Enables reliable Linear Ad Insertion
    • Optimal performance and cost efficiency
    • Maximum flexibility with adaptive storage technology
    • High reliability and availability with automated session resiliency
    • Solutions for large, mid-sized and small deployments
  • CAP-1000 Cherrypicker Application Platform
    • Performs ad splicing, grooming, and statistical remultiplexing for MPEG-2 for Cable systems
    • Performs ad splicing, grooming for MPEG-4 for IPTV and Cable systems
    • Designed for power, scalability and reliability
  • ME-7000 Converged Compression Platform
    • Performs ad splicing, transcoding for MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and HEVC
    • Efficient delivery of high quality linear broadcast video for IPTV, cable, satellite and OTT (ABR) applications

Targeted Advertising - ARRIS provides a complete solution for Linear Digital Program Insertion

ARRIS provides a complete solution for Linear Digital Program Insertion

Advantages of the ARRIS Solution for Local Ad Insertion for Cable TV

  • Market-leading, field-proven solution
  • Designed for reliability and high availability to ensure uptime of revenue generating services
  • Automation tools to reduce TCO

While traditional television still dominates overall ad spend, Service Providers and Content Providers must invest to deliver their TV offerings to a rapidly growing, and hard-to-manage set of IP-connected devices.

And in order to compete with other advertising media, Service Providers and Content Providers must offer innovative targeted advertising products that deliver more value and engagement to their clients.

ARRIS Manifest Delivery Controller (MDC) is the market-leading Video Manifest Manipulator, a software solution enabling server-side dynamic ad insertion, personalization and analytics for ABR IP video.

ARRIS MDC enables customers to efficiently deploy and maximize the revenue from their IP Video services through:

  • Targeted ad insertion down to the individual viewer
  • Personalized channel delivery, including blackout and alternate content management, personalized nDVR & Time-Shifted TV playback and real-time bandwidth policy enforcement
  • Advanced analytics and reporting

Using MDC in conjunction with a pre-integrated third-party Campaign Management System, MDC allows every consumer to receive highly targeted advertisements, and a personalized IP video experience.

Targeted Advertising - ARRIS MDC enables targeted advertisements and personalized video experiences on IP Video Services

ARRIS MDC enables targeted advertisements and personalized video experiences on IP Video Services

While the value of video advertising continues to increase, challenges remain that hinder the ability to fully leverage its power.

Today, Cable Service Providers typically have parallel systems for IP and traditional set-top advertising, resulting in unnecessary complexity and cost. In response, they are looking for ways to more effectively monetize their video content and unify their advertising infrastructure. Ideally, there would be a single system for both traditional QAM and IP-based video services that allows them to sell ads, manage campaigns, execute the ad delivery and provide reporting from a single platform.

These two independent pathways for video delivery and advertising are shown below:

Targeted Advertising - Today: Parallel paths for traditional and IP-based ad insertion with separate ads and systems

Today: Parallel paths for traditional and IP-based ad insertion with separate ads and systems

The top path represents traditional local ad insertion on transport streams that are delivered over QAM to set-tops. Schedule-based advertising systems enable pre-determined ads to be inserted for a pre-configured ad zone. Advertising targeting is based on geography and defined by the network.

The bottom path shows ABR video delivered over IP to mobile devices and IP set-tops. Advertising is implemented through manifest manipulation and can be targeted at the device level. Typically, these ads are sold on an impression basis.

The result is two separate video formats, two sets of ads and separate sales, campaign management, ad insertion and reporting systems. This makes it extremely difficult and expensive for Service Providers to maximize the revenue opportunities by offering campaigns that span devices and screens.

To address this challenge, ARRIS enables a fully integrated, cross-platform dynamic advertising solution that provides comprehensive network-based IP advertising that can extend to encompass QAM devices.

In addition, our solution leverages the Switched Digital Video platform to capture viewership data and impression measurement of ads on QAM set-tops. This approach can capture viewership of long-tail channels that are not tracked by audience measurement services. This creates additional ad revenue from channels that previously could not support advertising due to lack of measurement data.

The ARRIS solution

  • ARRIS Manifest Delivery Controller (MDC)
    • Uses manifest manipulation to target ads in ABR content
    • Personalized channel delivery, including blackout and alternate content management, personalized nDVR & Time-Shifted TV playback and real-time bandwidth policy enforcement
    • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • ARRIS Video Unified Edge
    • Converts ABR content with targeted ads into MPEG-2 Transport Stream video for delivery over QAM to set-tops
    • In a Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) environment it can also generate the multiplexes and deliver MPEG-2 MPTS to an R-PHY or R-MAC/PHY node
  • ARRIS Switched Digital Video (SDV)
    • Collects data from standards-compliant SDV clients in the set-top and aggregates it for viewership and impression reporting
    • Optionally reduces QAM bandwidth by only multicasting channels currently being viewed (not required to leverage set-top data collection)

The diagram below shows the new solution:

  • A single source of video and one set of ads
  • Viewership and impression reporting from the MDC for IP delivery and the SDV client for QAM set-top video
  • A single campaign management system managing ads across all devices

Targeted Advertising - The ARRIS unified advertising solution

The ARRIS unified advertising solution

Using the ARRIS unified advertising solution, Service Providers will be able to:

  • Invest in IP advertising solutions that will also support legacy devices
  • Offer a unified advertising solution that allows them to sell ads across their IP and legacy footprint
  • Expand advertising revenue through cross-platform campaigns, household-based targeting and unlocked inventory on channels not currently measured
  • Offer ad-zone based advertising across both QAM and IP devices
  • Offer impression-based advertising across both QAM and IP devices

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The cable network continues to evolve, and many operators are adopting a Distributed Access Architecture (DAA). The ARRIS advertising solution is designed to not only help Service Providers migrate from traditional QAM ad insertion to a unified IP and QAM Advertising solution but can leverage a DAA architecture and software-based products to improve set-top targeting and flexibility. ARRIS calls this the Programmable Network.

DAA architectures move the physical layer (PHY) and optionally the MAC layer, to the edge of the network. This means the video-edge QAM functions can be hosted in software, resulting in much more flexibility in creating and changing video multiplexes targeted to specific service groups. As DAA is combined with node splits or Fiber Deep implementations, the QAM network becomes much more segmented and the ability to target advertising approaches that of IP devices.The ultimate end game for this architecture is Linear Addressable Advertising, the ability to target individual viewers on both traditional QAM set-tops and IP devices.

How It Works

In the diagram below the ARRIS Video Unified Edge converts ABR video from a unified video backend to an MPEG-2 transport stream for QAM set-tops. It also acts as the video edge QAM core, creating a larger number of more targeted multiplexes. In addition to unifying the advertising and video backend as before, it now also enables much more discrete targeting of ads on QAM set-tops. Because these muxes are software-defined rather than defined by the wiring of the QAM network, they can be easily changed and supplemented over time.

Similar to the Unified Advertising solution, a single unified ad platform serves all devices:

  • ARRIS Manifest Delivery Controller (MDC) provides ad insertion across all devices using manifest manipulation in ABR video
  • ARRIS Video Unified Edge converts this ABR video to an MPEG-2 transport stream for delivery to QAM set-tops
  • The ARRIS Switched Digital Video (SDV) solution collects data from the SDV client on set-tops
  • A unified campaign management system provides offers ad sales across all devices

Targeted Advertising - Unified advertising for Distributed Access Architectures (DAA)

Unified advertising for Distributed Access Architectures (DAA)

Benefits of the ARRIS Programmable Network for Advertising

  • Ad zones can be dynamically defined to address short-term events or changes in demographics
  • Improved targeting of QAM set-tops through software defined service groups and highly segmented networks
  • Unified advertising solution for all devices

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