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Suppliers Q&A

With the Pace acquisition complete, we enter a new era of growth, innovation and opportunity for our customers, suppliers and partners.

As we focus on integrating our two companies, we are committed to a smooth and effective transition for our suppliers. For the near-term – while we are in this integration period – we will continue to use the processes, policies and systems that are currently in place. Once we complete a thorough integration, we will provide a single, unified system as well as a single set of processes, policies and procedures for our combined company.

Please continue to visit this web site for updates on our integration progress. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact:

About the Newly Combined Company

Do you have a supplier web site that I can research for more information about the ARRIS/Pace Integration?

  • Yes
  • Access the supplier web site here

What are the ARRIS business segments?

  • Our solutions are segmented into two primary business units: 1) Network & Cloud and Global Services and 2) Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)

Where is the head office for the new ARRIS?

  • Our operational headquarters are located in Suwanee, GA, USA

How will the integration of ARRIS and Pace affect the company's legal entity organizational structure?

  • There is no impact to the current structure of legal entities
  • As we continue the ARRIS/Pace integration, we will share more Information about legal entities

Does ARRIS have a supplier diversity program?

Where can I find more information about the Company's financials?

Payment Information

How do I verify what my company's payment terms are?

  • For any questions regarding your payment terms, please contact your current Procurement contact
  • After integration, we'll be able to provide a single set of payment terms

Will there be any changes to the payment process?

  • You will continue to be paid via the current channels

Who can assist me with accounts payables?

How do I check my payment status?

  • For legacy ARRIS suppliers, please visit the iSupplier site at
    • iSupplier is a web-based portal that allows ARRIS suppliers to query purchase order and receipt data in addition to invoice and payment information
    • iSupplier also allows suppliers to create and submit invoices through the portal
    • For assistance with iSupplier, contact us
  • For legacy Pace, contact

What is ARIBA? How much does it cost to use?

  • ARIBA is a Purchasing System used by ARRIS for all indirect goods and services
  • ARIBA offers various levels of Supplier Membership subscription packages
  • The Standard Package is free until following thresholds are met:
    • Annual document count/Purchase Order count exceeds five (5) POs, and
    • Annual network transaction volume exceeds $50K USD
  • Once thresholds are met, vendors will pay two (2) fees:
    • A Network Transaction Service (NTS) fee
      • Assessed as a small percentage (0.155 percent) of network transaction volume invoiced quarterly
      • Capped for high-volume customers at $20K USD (for PO Spend >$13M annually
    • A subscription package fee invoiced annually
  • To learn about the supplier membership fee, please visit

Can I opt-out of using the ARIBA Supplier Network?

  • To opt out, send an email to our internal Supplier Enablement Team at mailto:supplierenablement@arris.comand inform us that you choose not to join the ARIBA Supplier Network
  • This process takes approximately 4-6 weeks
  • In the interim, you can ignore ARIBA's messaging and requests for payment

Ongoing Operations

Have the ARRIS/Pace vendor set-up procedures been integrated?

  • For the near-term (and until further notice), we are using our current vendor set-up procedures
  • There won't be any changes until we go through a full integration
  • You can contact for more information
  • We will continue to provide updates on our supplier portal as they become available
  • We will also send out notifications as needed

I need an ARRIS credit application. Who can help me?

I need an ARRIS Resale Certificate. Who can help me?

My company's information needs to be amended. What is the process for doing this?

  • For legacy ARRIS, contact
    • You will be asked to complete the ARRIS Vendor Information Form (VIF)
  • For legacy Pace, contact
    • You will be required to supply updated information on your Company headed paper

How long will it take to amend my company's information?

  • It should take no more than five business days to amend your company's information

Who will be my key contact for Procurement?

  • You should continue to communicate with your current Company representative(s)
  • We will notify you well in advance if there are any changes

New Suppliers

My company is not an ARRIS supplier (or a legacy Pace supplier) but I would like to be considered for future opportunities. How do I register my company?

  • Register your company here
  • Please know that registering your company is not a guarantee for future business

I registered my company with ARRIS. Will someone from Procurement contact me?

  • ARRIS will only contact you if a sourcing opportunity matches your company's profile

I was contacted by a buyer to submit my company's information to be set up in Oracle. What is the process for registering?

  • For the near-term, we will continue to use the current procedures in place
  • Legacy ARRIS requires all suppliers to complete the ARRIS Vendor Information Form (VIF). It must be completed in its entirety before a supplier can be added to the supply base. Contact for more information.
  • Legacy Pace utilizes an Excel document that is controlled by its Buyers to collect supplier information, which must be completed in its entirety

What other forms are needed to set up my company?

Corporate Responsibilities and Compliance

Who will be my key contacts for Compliance issues?

  • You can continue reaching out to your current company representative(s), using the same contact methods
  • There won't be any changes to the way you contact us until we fully integrate our processes

Are there any changes to the Corporate Responsibility (CR) program and policies?

  • As a newly combined company, we have a tremendous opportunity to build an even more successful Corporate Responsibility (CR) program by leveraging the best practices of both ARRIS and Pace
  • However, we will not make any immediate changes
  • Our first step will be to go through a thorough integration processIn the meantime, our current policies and procedures are listed here:

Are there any changes to the Conflict Minerals program and reporting requirements?

Are there any changes to the parts and products Environmental reporting requirements?

Where can I find the new company's Sustainability Goals?