DOCSIS CMTS Operator Certification

The DOCSIS CMTS Operator Certification is offered by ARRIS, a leader in DOCSIS technology implementation, through its Knowledge Services group. Certification offers cable professionals the opportunity to earn an ARRIS-granted certification based on demonstration of specific knowledge related to DOCSIS technology and ARRIS CMTS products.


By becoming certified, cable professionals can show tangible evidence that they have what it takes to help insure the smooth operation of DOCSIS networks for their employers – separating themselves from their peers. Certification identifies an individual as someone who can make the most of cable operator investments in ARRIS CMTS products. Certification can help an individual earn a more prominent position with an organization.

For cable operators, certification enhances the operation of their network. Furnished with ARRIS confirmed essential DOCSIS knowledge and complementary knowledge of an ARRIS CMTS product certified individuals can help insure efficient and optimized operation of a cable operator’s network leading to lower operational costs and reduced technical issues.


To earn certification an individual must complete two exams successfully. Certification candidates must complete the DOCSIS Essentials exam before taking one ARRIS CMTS platform exam of their choice — either the E6000 CER or C4 CMTS exam.

The DOCSIS Essentials exam assesses knowledge of selected DOCSIS features that ARRIS has deemed essential to CMTS operation while each ARRIS CMTS product exam (E6000 or C4) assesses product-specific knowledge.

Exams are proctored, for a nominal fee, by an online proctoring service. Each exam must be completed within two hours.

Convenient Online Proctoring

For the convenience of candidates, ARRIS has partnered with the online proctoring service ProctorU. ProctorU offers candidates the opportunity to schedule exam time and take exams from any comfortable location with an internet connection to reach ProctorU and ARRIS Academy.

At the scheduled time on exam day, ProctorU will confirm your identity, grant access to the exam on ARRIS Academy, and monitor you through the camera on your PC while taking an exam.


ARRIS Global Knowledge Services has made the ARRIS DOCSIS CMTS Operator Certification affordable for cable professionals. For individuals choosing to take only the exams, the enrollment fee is $400.00 which allows you to take each exam twice.

For individuals seeking training to prepare for exams, total cost varies based on the training courses chosen. For example, if an individual seeking certification on DOCSIS technology and with E6000 CER knowledge chooses to take the DOCSIS Essentials course, all available training on the E6000 CER, and the certification exams, the total cost of attaining certification is $3,150.00.

Refer to the ARRIS Global Knowledge Services Training Course catalog to obtain enrollment fees for DOCSIS Essentials, E6000 CER, and C4 CMTS training courses.

All course, exam, and proctoring fees can be paid online via a major credit card.

Learn More

  1. Complete ARRIS Academy New User Registration.
  2. Request ARRIS Academy Access.
  3. Log on to ARRIS Academy.
  4. Search for "Certification" or browse to Catalog > Certifications > ARRIS DOCSIS CMTS Operator.

Certification Paths

Cable professionals confident in their knowledge of DOCSIS technology and the ARRIS C4 or E6000 CMTS product can simply register to take exams through ARRIS Academy (sign in then search for "Certification" or browse to Catalog > Certifications > ARRIS DOCSIS CMTS Operator), and then make arrangements with the proctoring service to schedule their exams.

For candidates seeking to bolster their knowledge before taking exams, ARRIS Knowledge Services offers courses in support of the ARRIS DOCSIS CMTS Operator Certification:

  • DOCSIS Essentials (web-based, self-study)
  • E6000 CER Courses
    • E6000 CER Hardware Overview (online)
    • E6000 CER Operations (instructor-led)
  • C4 CMTS Courses
    • C4 CMTS Hardware Overview (online)
    • C4c CMTS Hardware Overview (online)
    • C4/C4c CMTS Operations (instructor-led)
    • C4/C4c CMTS Review and E6000 CER Overview Training (instructor-led)
    • C4/C4c CMTS Operations and E6000 CER Overview Training (instructor-led)

Refer to the ARRIS Global Knowledge Services Training Course catalog for full course descriptions and part numbers.