RQ4100 QAM Module
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RQ4100 QAM Module


Generate up to 158 QAM-RF channels in the node from digital signals transmitted optically from the headend

Aurora Networks' RQ4100 series Remote QAM Modules put QAM modulators for universal services in the node, where they can deliver whichever RF services are in demand.

In conjunction with Aurora's Universal Services Multiplexer (USM) at the headend, the content of each QAM is tailored on the fly.

RQ4100 series modules generate up to 158 QAM-RF channels in the node from digital signals transmitted optically from the headend. Operators have the option of generating a full gigahertz of QAM-RF output in the node, or combining node-generated channels with legacy headend-generated channels carried to the node via the traditional HFC/Fiber Deep network.

Remote QAM channels are agnostic to the type of traffic they modulate. By relying on the versatility of the headend-based Universal Services Multiplexer, Remote QAM channels can deliver broadcast, HDTV, SDV, VoD, nPVR, IPTV, DOCSIS, and even a mixture in a single channel. All QAM channel line-ups are created digitally by the Universal Services Multiplexer, eliminating the need for RF splitters, combiners, amplifiers and manual cable rerouting, as traditionally undertaken, to create new channel line-ups. This approach lets operators shift their service mix on a node-by-node basis, without needing to reallocate or reposition hardware.

Details for RQ4100 QAM Module

  • Multiple types of traffic supported within each QAM channel
  • Remote QAMs can be used dynamically for all RF service
  • Simplify or eliminate the headend RF combining network
  • Eliminate cable rerouting to change channel line-ups
  • Simplify optical plant balancing requirements
  • Eliminate the effect of plant related noise and amplification impairments before the node
  • Reduce headend rack space, power and cooling requirements


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