Dual Return Channel Digital Receiver
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Dual Return Channel Digital Receiver

DR3021/DR3421/RDR 4002


The DR3x21 Dual Return Channel Digital Receiver utilize state-of-the-art technology for digital return path applications. Their advanced design provides simultaneous conversion of digital return path traffic from two RF return segments to two discrete RF output ports.

DR3x21 receivers (used in combination with DT423xN Digital Transceivers in optical nodes or DT3500 series Digital Transmitters in a hub chassis) permit quick and cost effective doubling of the amount of return bandwidth available from any node in the network.

Both types of receivers interface with the BP-3104C-AS Optical Receiver Back Plate, enabling the equivalent of up to eight digital receivers to be installed in four adjacent module slots of the ARRIS CH3000 chassis. A total of 24 receivers (and three associated BP-3104C back plates), with provision for redundant chassis power supplies, can therefore be accommodated in each chassis. Each DR3x21 terminates one return path optical fiber through an SC/APC type optical connector.

The RDR 4002 return-path digital receiver works in conjunction with the NDT series of return-path digital transmitters. Each RDR 4002 mounts in the HLP 4800 chassis and takes two optical data streams at up to 3.1 Gbps. Each input is demultiplexed into its two component data streams, resulting in four independent data streams received per module. These are converted back to analog waveforms by four digital-to-analog (D/A) converters.

Details for Dual Return Channel Digital Receiver

DR3021/DR3421 features

  • Dual D-A conversion provides discrete RF signals from two return segments per optical input
  • High RF output
  • Superior noise performance
  • RF output level independent of optical input power provides output level stability in alternate routing applications
  • Front access -20dB test points for each return path
  • Local and remote status monitoring

RDR 4002 features

  • High package density (10 RDR 4002 units in a 3RU platform provide 40 return data streams)
  • Outstanding performance over very long links
  • Increased system reliability and reduced operational costs as a result of greater network segmentation


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