CH3000 Optical EDFA Amplifiers
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CH3000 Optical EDFA Amplifiers

Compact 1550 nm Optical Amplifiers


The ARRIS FA3500 series is a family of high output, extremely compact 1550 nm optical amplifiers (EDFAs) in single-width modules with output powers ranging from 14 to 21 dBm. Dual amplifier versions, which provide two optically independent amplifiers in a single-width module, are also available. Their compact design dramatically reduces rack space requirements in the headend and hubs.

ARRIS also offers two models of high performance, multiport optical amplifiers for RFoG and RFPON applications. For RFoG applications, at the headend the 8-port FA3527M EDFA provides up to 18 dBm output power to each of 8 ports and amplifies and distributes the 1550 nm broadcast video signal. Comparably, the 16-port FA3533M provides up to 21 dBm output power to each of 16 ports.

Details for CH3000 Optical EDFA Amplifiers

  • Dense chassis packaging
    • 14 Single density EDFAs, up to 21 dBm optical output, in 3RU chassis
    • 14 Dual density, 28 EDFAs, up to 17 dBm optical output, in 3RU chassis
  • Shared features
    • 4.5 dB NF typical
    • User programmable constant gain or constant power operation
  • Single amplifier models
    • FA3514S, FA3517S/F, FA3519F, FA3520S, and FA3521S
  • Dual-amplifier models
    • FA3514D and FA3517D/G
  • Gain flattened models
    • FA3517F/G, FA3519F, and FA3521F, H, and J
  • High Power models
    • FA3533M: 16x21 dBm outputs
    • FA3527M: 8x18 dBm outputs

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