Master/Slave Optical Switch OS32M2S/OS32Sxx
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Master/Slave Optical Switch OS32M2S/OS32Sxx


The ARRIS OS32M2S/OS32Sxx series of Master/Slave Optical Switches provide fast switching times, low insertion loss and high packaging density, and all operate in dual-wavelength windows (ranges of 1280-1340 nm and 1420-1620 nm).

All OS32M2S/OS32Sxx series switches have a wide dynamic threshold adjustment range to support any combination of both analog and digital transmission applications. A threshold may be established for each switch over an extremely wide dynamic range.

These switches are self-sensing of fiber restoration for maximum network reliability and efficiency, and are fully controllable both locally and remotely.

Details for Master/Slave Optical Switch OS32M2S/OS32Sxx

  • Non-latching 2x1 optical switches in Master/Slave module configurations
  • All switches allow simultaneous counter-propagating signals
  • Fast switching
  • Wide range of user-settable switching thresholds (–22 to +22 dBm) for analog and digital transport applications
  • All detection and control on Master switch (with all Slaves always following Master)
  • Only light from A and B inputs are detected and control the switch (high isolation from any inputs at "out" ports)
  • Low insertion loss
  • Dual wavelength operating windows (1280–1340 nm and 1420–1620 nm)
  • Low power consumption
  • Local and remote status monitoring and control


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