RFoG Diplexer/Return Receiver OR4148H
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RFoG Diplexer/Return Receiver OR4148H


Enables deployments of extended reach RFoG applications.

The ARRIS OR4148H RFoG Diplexer/Return Receiver is offered in a double-wide module for NC4000 and NC2000 series VHubs.

Two MPO connectors provide eight 1550 nm forward signal inputs and eight network outputs. RF return signals are output through four SMB connectors.

In the forward path, eight 1550 nm broadcast inputs are injected into the BC port and distributed to eight output fibers. The forward/return optical diplexer separates the eight downstream 1550 nm signals from the eight upstream signals (1310 nm for models OR4148H-xx-0-MP, or 1310/1590/1610 nm for models OR4148H-xx-1-MP), and integrated analog receivers perform the optical-to-electrical (O/E) conversion. Following O/E conversion of the incoming reverse signals, gain control of the RF signal can be adjusted with built-in attenuators.

In the ARRIS NC4000 or NC2000 series VHub, the resulting RF signals from these receivers can be combined from one to four upstream segments and then input to a DT4000 series Digital Transceiver, where they are digitized and reconverted to an optical signal for transport back to the headend.

This compact design, with MPO connectors, eliminates most fiber jumpers and associated losses which are normally created with separate multiple filters and receiver modules. The OR4148 offers the highest density packaging RFoG module available.

Details for RFoG Diplexer/Return Receiver OR4148H

  • Enables deployments of extended reach RFoG applications
  • Single compact plug-in module for NC4000 and NC2000 series VHub platforms
  • RF attenuator facilities provided
  • Low insertion loss
  • Two MPO connectors provide eight 1550 nm forward signal inputs and eight network outputs
  • Local and remote status monitoring capability


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