Aptilo Access Controller
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Aptilo Access Controller

Wi-Fi network access control, monitoring and policy enforcement


The Aptilo Access Controller is purpose-built for access control, usage monitoring and policy enforcement in Wi-Fi networks. It can lookup policies from AAA and PCRF via RADIUS pull.

Aptilo AC runs on standard hardware and features true client plug-and-play functionality. It dynamically handles user sessions, QoS and routing from the local network to the Internet.

Together with the Service Profiles defined in the Aptilo Service Management Platform (SMP) the AC constitutes a powerful tool for handling differentiated service bundles with prioritization of traffic on the user level.

Best of Breed Solutions

ARRIS has selected best-of-class vendors, like Aptilo, and pre-integrated their products with our own control systems to provide a best-of-breed service-provider class Wi-Fi solution. We leverage each partner’s competence and we complement that with ARRIS’s extensive integration and deployment experience and expertise. ARRIS has designed and installed thousands of SMB, community Wi-Fi, and venue hotspots for major Service Providers around the world.

Details for Aptilo Access Controller

The Aptilo AC is a carrier-class Wi-Fi access gateway with the primary task to allow access for users, handle online/offline charging and control the user-experience through policy enforcement including outbound QoS control towards the Internet.

The Aptilo AC can be deployed behind the Benu Wi-Fi access gateways and Ruckus Wi-Fi access point controllers in the ARRIS Service Provider Wi-Fi Ecosystem to enable functionality that cannot otherwise be achieved, in these cases the Aptilo AC becomes a critical service enabler.

This type of hybrid deployment can bring the best of two worlds together. Examples of value added functionality that the Aptilo AC can bring include:

  • Built-in Web Server for local captive portal and WiSPr login
  • Built-in DHCP/DNS server
  • A number of "extra" functions derived from more than 120 demanding service provider customers world wide such as plug-and-play support for clients, MAC-address authentication, DHCP Option 82 support, firewall rules, policy-based routing, traceability of end-user activities and more.
  • In some cases policy enforcement
  • In some cases online and/or offline accounting

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