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Unparalleled Compact CMTS Value and Performance


With the ARRIS C4c compact-chassis CMTS, operators cost-effectively deploy full-featured DOCSIS 3.0-based services into space-constrained head-ends and small -to -medium-size systems. The C4c CMTS is also an ideal choice for MSOs rolling out services incrementally, where the capacity and cost of a full-scale CMTS is not required. For rapid deployment, scalability, and flexible management of DOCSIS 3.0 functions, no competitor’s compact-chassis CMTS can match the C4c CMTS. C4c solutions scale robustly to 10,000 subscriber devices and efficiently support a wide variety of popular and emerging voice and data services. Operators can quickly and profitably respond to subscriber and corporate demand for DOCSIS 3.0 value-added services, IPTV, emerging convergent services, and higher data speeds services that command premium prices and satisfy top-tier customers. Based upon industry-leading ARRIS engineering, the C4c CMTS delivers high port densities, low power consumption, and a small footprint. C4c solutions reduce CAPEX and OPEX through extended head-end life, reduced power and cooling requirements, improved network performance, enhanced reliability, and expanded capacity. The C4c CMTS uses the same software and RF and routing blades of the industry-leading ARRIS C4 CMTS and offers the same superb manageability, capability, and customer-pleasing quality of service.

Details for C4c CMTS

  • Deploy industry-leading DOCSIS 3.0 services rapidly and cost-effectively in small markets
  • Upgrade to unmatched compact CMTS flexibility, value and performance
  • Enhance services, improve reliability, and upgrade CMTS capacity by adding a C4c CMTS
  • Raise subscriber retention and satisfaction with carrier-class reliability, quality, and performance
  • Profitably serve the expanding market for VPN and other corporate services


  • Higher density CAM for more downstream channels per C4c CMTS and per service group
  • DOCSIS® 3.0 Multicast IP Video Support
  • DOCSIS 3.0 Channel Bonding
  • Routing Feature Additions: Policy Based Routing and IPv6 Support Phase 3
  • Load Balancing Enhancements
  • Additional Upstream Classifier Capability

The ARRIS C4c™ CMTS Release 7.4 is a compact DOCSIS® 3.0 CMTS based on the proven hardware and software of the larger C4® CMTS solution. It allows an operator to cost-effectively deploy DOCSIS, PacketCable™, DSG/ADSG, and PacketCable Multimedia (PCMM™) services in small-to-medium size headends where space and power are often limited. The ARRIS C4c CMTS supports DOCSIS 1.1/2.0/3.0 and PacketCable features, providing operators with a large array of Quality of Service capabilities to deploy revenue-generating services.


 TECHNICAL TRAINING - browse available C4c CMTS Training in the ARRIS Training Catalog.


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