Field Service Management
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Field Service Management

Actionable intelligence for highly efficient technicians


ARRIS Field Service Management solutions help automate the selection, dispatch and routing of technicians to ensure that the right expertise and equipment are sent to the right service calls – and that they are set up for success when they arrive. These powerful tools can help increase technician efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and eliminate unnecessary truck rolls.


ARRIS Field Service management solutions combine cross-departmental data with advanced automation to streamline the scheduling, routing and check-in processes for technical personnel. When implemented, these tools can help improve the on-time performance and quality of technician visits for faster issue resolution and happier customers. From enabling customer service representatives to better predict technician arrival times, to giving technicians access to real-time performance information when provisioning customer equipment, to helping to avoid unnecessary truck rolls when upstream outages occur – ARRIS Field Service Management Solutions provide information that can help every service organization work smarter.


Street Level Routing

Provide the ability to route the field resource effectively and efficiently using the actual streets/ highways to determine proper estimated arrival times for the day’s work of the field resource.   Street level routing includes a spatial fabric editor that will drive traversability of the service area to allow the end user to customize pain points and allow the routing engine to deviate and drive an accurate plan for the day.   Customizable routing outputs based off of specific business objectives create an effective operational street level routing process.

Exception Management

Enables back office resources to manage routes and operational exceptions including jeopardy situations, route optimization as well as appointment based subscriber offerings.  A customized Key Performance Indicator Dashboard keeps end users focused on their specific operational business practices.  

Labor Forecasting

Allows the end user to understand exactly how much work the field force can handle at any given moment in time, so those valuable field resources can remain focused on the most business critical tasks at hand.  This new approach to labor forecasting will proactively identify problems with your plan vs. actuals to allow for adjustments well in advance of the actual schedule date.  

Reporting / Analytics

Reporting data drives our customer’s business decisions every day. Key metrics result from the collection and analysis of Field Service Management data. This data is exposed in multiple formats, based on the user persona such as Technician, Subscriber, Operations Support, and Engineering to deliver service and product management effectively.

Resource Management

Resource Planner manages field resource shifts, skills sets, service locations, proficiencies and priorities, while also providing an automated integration with our labor forecasting solution to avoid manual error prone situations.  

Auto Dispatch Routing

Real-time evaluation of the work day and continuously analyzing the changing dynamic environment -- Auto Dispatch identifies and fixes predictable exceptions (jeopardy, slack time, and poor ratings).  This “self-healing” process is done immediately when a problem occurs vs. time based interval routing.   Any exceptions that cannot be resolved are presented to the back office resources through Exception Management. 

Complex Work Orders

Any kind of Multi tech or Multi Day work is considered a “complex order” and ARRIS has a solution for this manual process.  With the ability to break up the order into smaller tasks, you can drive ownership and accountability related to the completion of complex orders with simplicity. 


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