Titanium Content Security - Simulcrypt and Titanium
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Titanium Content Security - Simulcrypt and Titanium


Set yourself free with DVB Simulcrypt and Titanium

Titanium is a DVB-Simulcrypt compliant solution offering a number of advantages to payTV operators, specifically:

  • Dual Conditional Access

    DVB-Simulcrypt enables Conditional Access systems to co-exist on the same network. Support for Dual CA enables operators to take advantage of the benefits of newer more flexible conditional access systems such as Titanium software-based CA, without disruption to their legacy deployment. A Dual CA strategy also guarantees constant, timely and low-cost supply from two competing CA vendors.

  • CA Swap

    Simulcrypt also enables CA Swap. A typical approach is for an operator to deploy Titanium when introducing new set-top boxes into the platform. This allows the population of legacy boxes to decrease through natural churn while the new CA and its advanced services replace the legacy CA going forward.

What is Simulcrypt?

Simulcrypt is a DVB standard which defines the interface between conditional access systems and head-end multiplexing components as well as enabling multiple CA systems to co-exist on a single network. It allows several CA systems to protect a content stream without duplication of traffic.

DVB-Simulcrypt is a widely accepted and core part of the modern digital broadcast system. Operators who understand the flexibility enabled by the adoption of this standard have used it to transform their business through the deployment of the next generation of CA technology, Titanium.

Contact us in order to learn more about how Titanium can cost-effectively transform your business while maintaining a high level of security and flexibility.

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